What To Add To Brownies

Hello dear chocolate lovers! Ever stared down at a plate of classic brownies and thought “What if these could be even more fabulous?”

I’ve been there.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional, rich, fudgy brownie sometimes it’s fun to shake things up a bit.

Join me as we explore how to jazz up brownies while adding a sprinkle of excitement to every bite!

Brownie toppings ideas

Chocolate Candy Bar Chunks

We’ve all been there—staring at our favorite chocolate candy bars debating whether to eat them as is or add them to our brownie batter.

Well why not do both?

Chop up those delectable treats and fold them into your batter. The result? A delightful surprise in every bite. Whether you’re team peanut butter cups or Milky-Way enthusiasts, every bite promises a mouthful of memories.

Chocolate Chips and Frost

Have you ever thought about adding chocolate chips to your brownies? No? Let’s change that!

Whether you’re smitten by dark, semi-sweet or even white chocolate, mixing in a cup of these tiny morsels brings depth and texture that takes your brownies to new heights.

If you’re really looking to kick things up a notch picture this: freshly baked brownies right out of the oven, sprinkled with white chocolate or peanut butter chips. As they melt gently spread them out and voila!

A luscious frosty topping that’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

Marshmallows, Nuts, and Cookies 

Oh! the delightful textures these ingredients bring to the table! Stir in some marshmallows to your batter and enjoy the gooey soft pockets with every bite.

Feeling a tad bit nostalgic? Add in a sprinkle of your favorite nuts—be it walnuts, pecans or almonds—for a satisfying crunch that perfectly contrasts the brownie’s chewiness.

But if you’re someone who believes there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing then break your favorite cookies into your batter. Oreos, Nutter Butters or even classic Chocolate Chip Cookies; each offers a twist of its own. Just think of them as little love notes in your dessert.

Cheesecake Brownies

Combine the richness of cheesecake with the decadence of brownies and what do you get? An unforgettable dessert experience!

Imagine swirling some velvety cream cheese into your brownie batter and watching as the two mixtures dance and weave around each other.

It’s the kind of dessert that promises an orchestra of flavors with every bite. And speaking of cream cheese, don’t just stop at cheesecakes! Add cream cheese straight into your batter for a tangy surprise that beautifully complements the dark chocolate flavor.

Extracts and Espresso

Remember those days where choosing between coffee and dessert was the most challenging decision? Well, those days are behind you. By adding a sprinkle of instant espresso powder or a dash of vanilla extract, your brownies will transform from simply delicious to utterly divine. The depth that espresso adds to your brownies is mind-blowingly good. Not to mention, the hint of vanilla magnifies the chocolatey richness, making every bite an absolute dream.

Fresh Fruits 

Whoever said fruit and brownies don’t mix surely hasn’t tried this combination. Whether you love the subtle sweetness of raspberries or the tartness of cherries, incorporating them (and their juices) into your batter will infuse your box brownies with a fresh and tangy twist. Worried about the moisture content? Remember, fresh fruit means varying water content, so adjust your other liquid ingredients accordingly. You can also opt for berry jams or freeze-dried fruits if you’re aiming for a punch of flavor without the extra moisture.

Peanut Butter, Nutella, or Your Favorite Topping

A good spread can go a long way in enhancing your brownie’s flavor profile. Whether you’re a die-hard peanut butter fan, a Nutella enthusiast, or a marshmallow fluff devotee, you’re in for a treat. Warming up your favorite spread slightly makes mixing easier, ensuring every bite has that delightful hint of your chosen flavor. And if you’re a fan of contrasts, adding some pretzels with peanut butter creates a crunch that contrasts beautifully with the softness of the brownies.

Caramel or Butterscotch

Why settle for regular brownies when you can elevate them with some gooey goodness? Swirling in thick sauces like caramel, dulce de leche, or butterscotch not only promises a delightful flavor but also a texture that’s to die for. For those seeking a touch of nostalgia, adding butterscotch gives your brownies a classic, caramelized twist reminiscent of grandma’s kitchen.

Explore with Unique Brownie Mix Flavors, from Pralines to Oreos

The beauty of brownies lies in their adaptability. Whether you’re craving the zesty kick of candied orange peels or the spiciness of candied ginger, there’s always room to experiment. From crunchy pralines to the classic cookies ‘n’ cream flavor of crushed Oreos, your options are endless. It’s all about finding the perfect combination that sings to your soul.

Mix, Match, and Discover

In the end, brownie customization is all about trying out different combinations and discovering what resonates with your taste buds. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create your signature flavor. Remember, the beauty of desserts lies not just in their flavors but also in the memories they create. So, put on your chef’s hat, roll up those sleeves, and let’s make some magic!

What Essential Baking Tools Do You Need for the Perfect Brownie?

Hey there fellow home bakers! Let’s chat about something that can really elevate your brownie-making game: the right equipment and techniques. Now, I know when I first started baking, the idea of getting those perfectly chopped chocolate pieces was daunting. What’s the secret? It’s all in the knife. Opt for a sharp, serrated knife and watch how easy it becomes to chop even the most delicate of candies. Remember the time when you tried to chop that peppermint candy bar, and it all crumbled? A good knife would be a game-changer.

And here’s a tip: if you’re working with a homemade recipe or even a boxed mix (yes, I admit, I sometimes lean on the convenience of a store-bought box, especially when in a rush!), always ensure you have a sturdy mixing bowl and a spatula to fold in your toppings gently. This method ensures an even distribution of all those delightful ingredients. Pouring the batter into the pan becomes a breeze, and the end result? Perfectly blended brownies, each bite brimming with those added goodies.

Fudgy vs. Chewy vs. Cakey: Which Brownie Recipe Should You Choose?

So, onto the foundation of our brownie haven – the brownie base types. Ever noticed how some recipes give you super fudgy brownies while others are more on the cakey or chewy side? The difference often comes down to the ratio of ingredients, mainly fat (like butter or oil) and flour. While most of my family loves the fudgy type, I have a big soft spot for the chewy ones. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, you can tweak your recipe accordingly.

Have you ever tried a peppermint brownie? Start with a fudgy base then add some crushed peppermint candies and you’re in for a treat.

On the other hand for those who adore the cakey type, it’s all about getting the perfect balance between your dry and wet ingredients.

And don’t skip on the egg – it’s the main player in getting that cakey texture. But if you’re craving a chewy delight, a tad more sugar and a scoop less fat will do the trick. I’ve got a raspberry chewy brownie recipe that’s a big hit at home!

Looking for Expert Baking Tips to Elevate Your Brownies?

Navigating the world of baking can be a maze especially if you’re a newbie baker. That’s why I’m sharing some of my trusted baking tips.

First off if you’re adding gooey ingredients or extra toppings to your boxed brownies, you might need to adjust your cooking time slightly. Keep an eye on your brownies and do the good ol’ toothpick test. If it comes out with a few crumbs (not wet batter) then they’re done.

Let your brownies cool in the pan for about 10 minutes. I know it’s tough waiting especially when your whole place smells like chocolate heaven.

But trust me, this little patience pays off. Once cooled it becomes so much easier to cut those perfect pieces. Speaking of which, remember our friend the sharp knife? It comes handy here too. To get that clean professional cut, always use a sharp knife wiping it down between cuts.

Seeking Gluten-Free or Vegan Brownie Alternatives? How to Adapt Your Recipe?

These days, it’s super important to factor in dietary considerations. Whether it’s gluten-free, vegan, or sugar-free, there’s a brownie out there for everyone. In fact, for my vegan friends, you’d be surprised how a simple flaxseed mixture can replace an egg. For those who are gluten-intolerant, almond or coconut flour becomes a great replacement. And if you’re watching your sugar intake, natural sweeteners like dates can be a delightful addition.

And for those who think sugar-free means flavor-free I’ve got a surprise for you! Try adding a layer of raspberry or mint icing on top.

Fresh raspberries or a hint of sugar, and some dairy-free milk whipped together can create an easy and delicious icing. A quick search online can also reveal so many delightful recipes catering to all dietary needs. So, you see, you don’t have to skip on flavor or compromise your dietary requirements.

How to Store Brownies and Maintain Their Freshness for Days?

Lastly let’s talk about keeping our brownies fresh and tasty. After spending all that time and effort, the last thing you’d want is to find your delightful brownies have gone stale.

Here’s a tip: once your brownies are completely cooled transfer them to an airtight container. If you’ve made a big batch and are planning to store them for some time, place a sheet of parchment paper or even graham crackers between layers to prevent them from sticking together.

If you’re a fan of iced brownies or those with a gooey layer of caramel or Nutella it’s best to store them in the refrigerator. Cold temperatures keep the toppings firm and in place. Planning to enjoy them with drinks or even a pasta meal later? Just remember to take them out a few minutes before serving to let them come to room temperature. This way every bite remains as delightful and fresh as when you first made them.