What is Jimmy Mustard?

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I am sure you have eaten a sandwich from Jimmy Johns.

But have you ever wondered what type of mustard they use? Most people know that yellow mustard is usually the default choice, but many Jimmy’s customers choose to go with the famous spicy jimmy mustard for their own sandwiches.


What is Jimmy mustard?

Jimmy mustard is whole-grain brown mustard that contains mustard seeds. It has a ground-paste consistency with an interesting crunch to it. Often regarded as old-school deli mustard, Jimmy mustard provides a distinctive flavor and texture and can be used in salads, sandwiches, and more.

Can you buy jimmy john’s mustard?

A jar of Jimmy Mustard can be purchased at a Jimmy John’s for $17. However, different stores may offer their own pricing and some stores don’t even sell them. we recommend to call your local JJs, so you can find out if they stock these jars, and what their pricing is.

Before making the purchase, it can be helpful to investigate the ingredients and nutritional information as this can help you make a more informed decision. This is especially true if you’re concerned about your calorie intake.

What does it taste like?

Jimmy Mustard is quite similar to Dijon, but with a little more heat and a spicier kick. It’s also much milder than the original Grey Poupon. While the taste of dijon might overpower sandwiches or seem too tangy, Jimmy Mustard’s flavor is different and can be used on a variety of food. From burgers to sandwiches it can be a great addition to any meal.

Can I make it at home?

While we can’t tell you exactly how Jimmy’s Mustard is made, it can be fun to experiment and try something similar at home.

The first few times won’t be perfect, but the end result will probably still taste great.

Actually, learning to make condiments on your own is a simple and rewarding process that yields maximum exposure of your taste buds.

I mean, think about it:

  • Homemade mustard has an unparalleled flavor because you control the ingredients. You can make it as spicy or as mild as you want. This is in contrast to the store bought variety which often has too much vinegar or other spice that can overwhelm the flavor.
  • It’s usually much healthier than store-bought because there are no preservatives or added sugars.
  • You can make sure to preserve the flavors of the original ingredients, which is especially valuable for herbs and spices that don’t keep well in a jar for long periods of time.
  • Homemade condiments save money, and the process of making and storing them will soon become second nature, so you will never need to purchase them again.

In the past, people would just go to the grocery store and buy whatever they need.

However, more and more people are starting to make their own homemade “versions” of what they used to buy. This is because in most cases, the homemade version is much healthier (and cheaper) than store-bought alternatives.

Making your own mustard can be a fun experience and a great way to bring creativity and flavour into your food!

This is because in most cases, the homemade version is much healthier than store-bought alternatives.

Okay, let’s begin!

From the easiest to the most complex recipes, this video will show you step-by-step how to to do it by using a handful of ingredients.

If you prefer to read, than just skip ahead!

For this recipe, you’ll need:

  • 3/4 cup yellow mustard seeds
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/4 tsp paprika
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp onion powder


  • To grind seeds, first use either a spice grinder or food processor with a small jar. If those are unavailable, you can also use a mortar and pestle but it will take time. Finely-ground mustard will be smoother and creamier. If you prefer a chunkier texture, then blend it a little less.
  • Mix mustard powder with the other spices.
  • Put some water into a pan, along with the spice mix. Leave the vinegar out for now. Put it on a low heat and cook for 45 minutes until boiling.
  • When spreading the vinegar, heat it up for a few minutes. Make sure to stir occasionally so that it doesn’t stick at the bottom of the pan. After about 5-10 minutes, pour this mixture through a different container to cool down. Leave it until it has cooled completely before transferring into refrigerator.
  • Place into a well sealed glass jar and store in the fridge. The flavor will mellow out after about 24 hours, though sometimes it can take as long as 48 hours.
  • Save it in the refrigerator for about three months to keep it fresh.


What is close to Dijon mustard?

Dijon is a favorite condiment for many dishes that use a vinaigrette or dressing. However, it can be challenging to find a replacement in many other recipes. Stone ground, honey, yellow or spicy brown mustard may work well as replacements for Dijon in this case. Worcestershire sauce and mayo are equally good replacements.

What is the difference between mustard and Dijon?

Dijon has a slightly tangy, spicy flavor compared to yellow mustard which tends to have a sweeter, more mild taste. It is made from white seeds that are ground with spices such as turmeric and celery seeds.

Is jimmy mustard vegan?

Jimmy Mustard is a vegan condiment that is sold at the famous sandwich restaurant chain, Jimmy Johns. It is a tasty blend of spices that can be used on sandwiches or just to dip french fries in. The company also offers many other vegan-friendly products such as Grey Poupon.

Is jimmy john’s corporate owned?

Jimmy Johns is 98% franchise owned, with the majority of their stores being owned by franchisees. Leaving only 2% corporate owned. This means that they are not as corporate-owned as one would think.

Does jimmy john’s have a secret menu?

JJs does have a secret menu. Order “Noah’s Ark” to have twice the meat on your Gargantuan. “Chuck Norris” is a combination of tuna and bacon, while “Slim BLT” will get you slices of bacon wrapped in rolls. Ordering one of these secret items is worth your time—and just might be worth saving for a special occasion.