What spices to add to ramen?

Ramen is a versatile and quick meal for almost anyone. They are quick, cheap, and easy to make in large quantities. They can be bought at any grocery store or gas station which makes them the perfect option when traveling or on a busy weeknight. A variety of spices can be added to ramen to … Read more

What Is Hibachi?

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Double Chocolate Cherry Pudding

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Chocolate Chai Ice Cream

Chocolate Chai Ice Cream is a delicious treat that you can make at home. It’s perfect for when the weather starts to heat up and you want something cold, but not too sweet. In this guide, I will show you how to make it! -You’ll need an ice cream maker for this recipe – don’t … Read more

Caramel Peanut & Popcorn Stacked Peanut Butter Blondies

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Champagne Poached Pears

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Cinnamon Bun Sugar Cookies

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Peppermint Bark Macaroons

It’s the most wonderful time of year! The air is crisp, snowflakes are falling and there’s a chill in the air that makes you want to snuggle up under a blanket with hot cocoa and peppermint bark macaroons. These sweet treats have become popular this holiday season because they’re not only festive but also easy … Read more

Strawberry Peach Basil Pie

Peach and strawberry pie is a perfect summer dessert. It’s easy to make, not too sweet, and full of fresh fruit flavor. This recipe features basil for an added twist on the classic dish. The crust includes walnuts that add a little crunch for texture. Make this recipe your own by adding lemon juice or … Read more

Roasted Chestnut Chocolate Shake

This Roasted Chestnut Chocolate Shake is a charming way to start off your day, or the perfect lunch for those who want something sweet. The recipe will take about 5 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of cooking time. You can enjoy this delicious shake in just 20 minutes! This quick, easy recipe utilizes … Read more