Pumpkin Skillet Cookie Pie with Chocolate Chips & Cranberries

It is that time of year again! The leaves are changing color, the air has a crisp chill in it and you can smell pumpkin spice everywhere. It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means you will be spending most of your day cooking and cleaning up after a long feast with family and friends. This dessert recipe will help save you from exhaustion as it takes minimal effort to prepare and serve at the dinner table. All you need is one skillet- this cookie pie covered with chocolate chips & cranberries tastes like fall in every bite!

Start by greasing an ovenproof cast iron skillet generously with butter or coconut oil(you’ll want enough to coat the entire pan). Using a stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, cream together room temperature butter and icing sugar. Add a pinch of salt, vanilla extract and pumpkin pie spice to taste. Mix until fluffy, about two minutes on medium speed. In the meantime prepare your favorite chocolate chips by melting them in the microwave for 20 seconds at 50% power or alternatively over low heat on your stovetop stirring constantly so they don’t burn- this will take less than five minutes but be careful not to let them get too hot! Pour into creamed butter mixture with cranberries and mix together using spatula then transfer batter to greased skillet(the dough should fill up most of it).

The dough should fill up most of the skillet, which is why it’s good for a large group as well if you decide not to bake this in individual dishes. If you do want to make one serving yourself we recommend using an eight-inch cast iron pan and cooking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205 Celsius) for 12 minutes or until edges are golden brown like cooked pie crusts without appearing wet; when you touch it there shouldn’t be any crumbs sticking to your finger.

-Pour melted butter in your skillet and then pour brown sugar into the center of it. Scatter chocolate chips (or more) on top and place sliced almonds around if using.

-Add flour next and mix with fork until combined well; make sure not too overmix as this will result in tough cookie sheets later on down the line that aren’t fluffy like they should be

Additional tips:

  • Don’t use all of the pumpkin pie filling in one pan (or you will have a soupy, not cohesive mixture)
  • Use mini chocolate chips for this recipe instead of full sized ones because they melt more easily and are easier to incorporate into the dough. You can also just buy at bag or two of pre-made cookie dough that has them already mixed in if you don’t want to chop up your own batch.
  • You can also add chopped walnuts or pecans to the recipe if you want a little bit of crunch
  • To get an extra oaty taste, make sure to use oats as your flour and not all purpose (this will bring down the cost)
  • The pumpkin pie filling is the star of this show so, don’t go too crazy with other flavors. Focus on what you do have and use that to your advantage! And for those who just want a little bit of cranberry flavor, add some fresh or frozen berries in without adding additional spices (or buy them pre-made). The real beauty of these recipes is their simplicity. You can even save time by using store bought cookie dough if you’re short on time but still want an amazing dessert that’s perfect for fall.

What goes with this recipe?

Side of dinner rolls

Side of green beans with garlic and bacon

Dinner salad with Italian dressing

Caramel apple pie for dessert.

Rice Krispies pumpkin bars as an appetizer if you are a fan of sweet snacks.

A batch of homemade breadsticks or some cheese sticks to go along with the main dish, it’s always good to have something on hand!

Bonus Tip: Double your recipe so that there is enough left over for breakfast tomorrow morning too. This will also make everything taste better because they can sit overnight together in fridge before baking off in oven again the next day! You’ll be pleasantly surprised. One-pan meal at its finest – just like grandma used to do before all this was called cooking!