Cherry Limeade Mocktail

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When the weather is hot, it’s easy to work up a sweat. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink that won’t make you feel bloated or sluggish afterwards, we have just the recipe for you! This Cherry Limeade Mocktail will cool your body down and satisfy your taste buds with its sweet and tangy flavor.

This refreshing drink recipe for a hot day is perfect for those who are looking to cut back on their sugar intake or just want something lighter. Whether you’re hosting a party and need some mocktail recipes, or if it’s just you at home in the summer heat, this Cherry Limeade Mocktail is sure to be well loved by many.


-Coconut water (or any other type of fruit juice) in the amount of one cup per drink. The more you use, the sweeter and thicker your mocktail will be!

-Watermelon chunks or seedless grapes, whichever is most accessible to you at this time. Some people like their drinks to be sweeter, while others prefer it lightly sweetened.

-Cherries for garnish


Add the coconut water to a glass and stir in your fruit juice of choice. You can either use all coconut water or if you’re looking for more flavor, add some fruit juice into the mix (we recommend using about a cup of juice per drink).

-Add about a tablespoon to a half tablespoon worth of watermelon chunks, depending on how sweet you want your mocktail. Stir it in and then add the cherries for garnish!

-Don’t forget that once this drink is made, it’s best served ice cold so keep yours refrigerated.


What makes a good Mocktail?

Mocktails are typically made with liquor substitutes or alcohol-free mixers. They are usually an option for people who do not drink alcoholic beverages because of their age, health reasons, religious beliefs, driving restrictions (such as in France) or preference to refrain from intoxication. There is a range of options available and Mocktail recipes can be found all over the internet. This article will cover three different types: non-alcoholic versions that use soda water as opposed to wine; cocktail versions that replace one type of spirit with another such as vodka instead of rum; and non-alcoholic cocktails using fruit juices which provide vitamins like vitamin C when consumed without added sugar.

A good mocktail should have at least 100% percent juice or fruit puree, zero sugar or artificial sweeteners. Carbonated water is added to the mix as opposed to carbonation from a can of soda because it will not cause an itch in your throat and leaves less of a sticky sensation on your teeth than club soda.

Non-alcoholic versions:

Mint Limeade Mocktail Recipe Ingredients (makes one serving):

¼ cup organic lime juice, freshly squeezed; ½ tablespoon sugar-free syrup or powdered sweetener such as Splenda®* ; ice cubes. Mix first three ingredients together until well combined then add mineral water/diet cola if desired. Serve over ice and garnished with a few fresh mint leaves for added flavor.

Ginger Ale Mojito Recipe Ingredients: ¾ cup ginger ale OR diet coke; a handful of fresh spearmint leaves; the zest of the lemon in two twists; some cracked white pepper to taste and just enough club soda to bring it all together into an icy drink that will cool you off on a hot day.

-Combine all of the soda ingredients in your glass, then add the mint leaves.

-Cover with crushed ice cubes and garnish with lime twist


What to serve with this Mocktail ?

You can serve this drink with a light salad, like an arugula and strawberry salad.

You could also serve it as the only beverage in your meal. If you are having chicken or beef skewers at your barbecue, for example, offer pieces of pineapple to eat alongside them so people can wash them down with their mocktail!

If you have vegetarian guests coming over, be sure to make some vegan-friendly sides that they will enjoy drinking too. A good option would be cucumber raita made from yogurt mixed with chopped cucumbers and spices such as salt, cumin powder or black pepper which is served cold; whole grain pulao rice cooked in vegetable broth instead of water (which often has meat added); homemade bhel puri which is a traditional Indian snack; or even some samosas.

What You’ll Need:

– 16 oz fresh squeezed lime juice (about six limes)

– 12 oz of frozen cherries, thawed and pitted

– two tablespoons honey

– ice cubes to fill the glass with about half way up, plus more for serving if you want your drink cold

Optional Additions: one tablespoon each orange juice and grenadine syrup mixed together – this will make it taste like an Orange Julius! OR omit all other ingredients but still use the same amount of water as in part B below. This makes a basic mocktail recipe that can be made into any number of drinks by adding your favorite flavor of syrup!

– to add a little more sweetness you can use two tablespoons honey, or even another sugar substitute like Splenda.