Buttermilk Pancake Donuts

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There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of freshly-made donuts. Whether you’re craving a hot breakfast or just want a sweet treat, these Buttermilk Pancake Donuts are easy enough for any skill level to make. It’s also an opportunity to sneak some extra protein into your day with pancake mix and eggs!

This recipe is so tasteful and well worth the time it takes to make them. They’re also really easy, so there’s no excuse for not making some today!

Pancake Mix:

Mix together pancake mix of your choice with water (about a cup) until smooth. Add in eggs one at a time while stirring constantly – this will help the donut batter stay fluffy when cooking. You can add any other flavorings you like into the mixture depending on what pancakes you usually make; we went with vanilla extract because who doesn’t love that?

Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe:

– Buttermilk Pancakes Mix (we used Bisquick® recipe) + Water (or milk or almond milk), about ½ cup per every cup of mix

– Eggs, about one per every cup of the pancake mix

– Vanilla extract


Mix together all ingredients until smooth. Heat a skillet over medium heat and coat with cooking spray or butter (or bacon grease if you want to go full hog). Pour batter into pan to form circles that are roughly two inches in diameter – we used our ice cream scoop for this step because it’s easy! Allow them to cook on each side for at least five minutes; flipping halfway through is usually enough time but keep an eye on them just in case they need more time! Serve hot off the stovetop with toppings like fruit syrup, maple syrup, whipped cream…anything really as long as it sounds good.

How to make sure your pancakes are good?

It is a lot of work to make pancakes, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure your batter has the right consistency with these tricks: pancake mix should not be soupy or overly thick; use milk in place of water for fluffy and light donuts…

-Add a tablespoon of white sugar to the mix. This will make your donuts and pancakes sweeter, but also healthier too because it cuts down on some refined sugars that are in pancake mixes.

-Mixing with oil instead of butter or heavy cream makes for lighter cakes and easier cleanup. Use an egg as well (or two) to get fluffy, rich results without going overboard on fat content.

Expert tips: Always start off by heating up a griddle or pan over medium heat before adding any batter onto it…

Test Kitchen Tip: These Buttermilk Pancakes can be made ahead of time! Make them one night for dinner when you have guests coming over so they’re still warm when breakfast is served.

Additional tips:

* The donuts are best served warm, so make sure to serve them shortly after you take them out of the fryer.

* You can also put a scoop of ice cream on top!

* Fry at 350 degrees for about two minutes or until they are golden brown and fluffy. They will continue cooking slightly as they cool off. Be careful not to let any oil get into your dough when frying since this makes it taste too greasy – just use a spoonful of shortening in your pan instead (or butter). ​ ​​​If you like crispy edges, flip over halfway through and cook an additional 30 seconds-one minute before removing from heat source. Repeat with remaining batter if desired.

* Don’t forget to shake the pan every once in a while for even cooking! This is crucial. Otherwise, your donuts will be unevenly cooked and some may end up burning. If this happens just remove them from the fryer as soon as you notice it’s getting too dark so they’re not overcooked or burnt.

* When frying with oil make sure that you have enough oil (at least three inches) otherwise your donut will come out soggy because there isn’t enough hot oil in contact with the dough to create crispiness on all sides of the donut. ​​​If using butter instead, use at least one tablespoon per four tablespoons of shortening needed when frying in order to get crispy edges on the donuts.

* Don’t be afraid to use your fingers for grabbing hold of each dough ball and then placing it into your pot – they’ll keep their shape better that way!

* For best results, cook on medium heat so you’re not burning them too quickly or letting them get soggy as soon as they come out of the oil. If cooking at higher heat make sure there is a pan full of cold water in case something goes wrong (like if some grease catches fire).

* Turn the donut around after about 30 seconds of frying on one side so that both sides are cooked evenly and all parts brown up nicely. ​​​If using butter, continue frying until edges turn golden brown before flipping over so that the butter doesn’t burn.

* When you take the donuts out of the oil, shake off excess for less mess. Then place them on some paper towels to get rid of any extra grease and let them cool before eating or topping with icing sugar and cinnamon.”