Spicy Jalapeño & Guava Margarita

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We’re in the middle of summer, and that means it’s time to start thinking about a refreshing drink recipe. This is one for those who like their drinks hot! The spicy jalapeño and guava combo will make your mouth tingle with delight. All you need are three ingredients: tequila, lime juice, and agave nectar or honey (depending on your preference).

Before you start, be sure to have all your ingredients prepped and ready to go.

Step one: Add the tequila, lime juice, and agave or honey in a pitcher of ice until it’s fully mixed together. At this point add the jalapeño and guava puree into the mixture.

Step two: Take four glasses that are filled with ice cubes (or throw them in for extra cold!) You can use any type you like – margarita glass is best though! Fill each glass halfway up with the drink mixure from step one so that there is plenty left over for pouring into the individual glasses once they’re topped off with more ice.

If possible let these chill out in an ice chest for about fifteen minutes so that the ice cubes has time to form.

Step three: Pour a little bit of this mixture into each glass just enough for them to be topped off with more ice and then put in any additional ingredients you like, such as limes or salt.

Step four: Enjoy! You will not regret it if you’re looking for something refreshingly summery.

For a more adult beverage, try replacing the sweetened lime juice with some of your favorite tequila.

This recipe makes enough for about four servings so it’s perfect when you have friends over or if you need to share this drink at a party that has multiple guests; just be sure to keep an eye on how many people are drinking these because they can get pretty potent and give someone quite the kick. Tips & Warnings: Be careful around jalapeno peppers – they’re spicy! When juicing them, wear gloves (or use plastic wrap) before adding any liquid from these fresh peppers into blender container. For spicier margaritas, replace all the juice with tequila (you might want to make sure your guests have had a little water before).

What goes with this Margarita?

The Spicy Jalapeño & Guava Margarita is a perfect way to kick-off the summer. It’s light, refreshing and fruity but has some heat from the jalapeno with just enough sweetness from guava juice so it doesn’t get overpowered by any of those ingredients.

This drink gets its name because it includes fresh and pickled peppers as well as lime juice which all have that characteristic “heat” you would expect in a spicy margarita. However, unlike other traditional recipes for this type of cocktail they also include guava juice which helps balance out the spiciness with added fruit flavor without being overpowering or overly sweet. Because of these additional flavors and textures, when made correctly this drink is an excellent choice for the summer or any time you need a refreshing cocktail that won’t put your taste buds to sleep.

As far as what kind of ingredients are needed, there are some options with differing levels of spiciness so it can be adjusted according to your own preferences. If you prefer something on the milder side, then go ahead and use canned jalapeños but if want more spice in your drink add pickled whole peppers instead. And while this recipe does call for fresh lime juice—which will give it quite a bit more kick than other variations—it also has triple sec which helps balance out the flavor so it’s not too spicy either way. However, because guava juice contains natural sugars when it ferments, you won’t need to add any sugar.

Overall, this recipe is a perfect choice for anyone of all ages and backgrounds who want an easy-to-make cocktail that’s delicious but not too sweet or spicy either.