Easy Mole Sauce

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Mole sauce is a traditional Mexican dish that has become quite popular in the U.S., due to its rich, robust flavor and versatility. With just a few ingredients, you can have an easy mole sauce from scratch in no time at all!

A key ingredient for this recipe is chocolate; it gives the sauce its dark color and earthy flavor. You will also need some chili peppers- there are many varieties to choose from, but if you want your mole on the spicy side, go with jalapeños or serranos.

The other main ingredient is onion. You can also use garlic, cumin and oregano for this recipe; these ingredients give mole sauce its distinctive flavor.

You will need to fry the onions in a pan with oil before adding all of the other ingredients- this brings out their sweetness and creates layers of complex flavors that you want to make sure are present in your final dish. Add some water or broth (in place of vegetable stock) after frying the vegetables so they don’t scorch on the pan’s bottom. Let them cook until they’re soft enough to blend into a paste- then add chocolate, chili peppers, spices and hot pepper sauces like Tabasco or Sriracha if desired! Blend everything together thoroughly until you have a smooth sauce.

This mole is great served over rice and beans, or with chicken as the main protein to make it more of an entree dish- there are many ways to enjoy this recipe!

Tips for making the most delicious sauce:

– start with frying the onion and garlic in olive oil. You can add some chili flakes for heat if you want, but it’s not necessary as many traditional mole sauces don’t have any spice at all!

– adding a little bit of tomato sauce to give depth is essential, so use canned tomatoes or puree fresh ones; also don’t forget about spices like cumin, oregano, cinnamon and cloves (just make sure you’re using ground versions).

The flavor will depend on your choice of chocolate – think dark vs milk for an intense blend. It might take some time to get the balance right between sweet/spicy/salty flavors for this recipe though… trying different combinations until they taste just perfect!

– for the last ingredient, you can either use some chicken broth or beef broth. If you’re feeling adventurous though, this mole sauce recipe also works with a few teaspoons of peanut butter!


Frequently asked questions:

Question: What is mole sauce?

Answer: Mole Sauce can be a variety of different things. It’s typically made with chocolate, chiles and spices like cinnamon, cloves and cumin.

Question: What do you need to make an easy mole sauce recipe from scratch?

Answer: You will need some ingredients that are usually found in the kitchen at home such as dark chocolate couverture (can also use semisweet or milk) which is needed for flavor, cocoa powder (natural unsweetened), whole almonds for texture and crunchiness along with other nuts if desired, roasted pumpkin seeds (pepitas) just a handful should suffice, dried pasilla peppers soaked overnight in water until soft then drained before using them for paste; these add a smoky flavor, fresh onion and garlic cloves (finely minced) a few tablespoons of vegetable oil for frying the sauce ingredients and some salt to taste

Question: What can you put in mole sauce?

Answer: Mole Sauce is typically used as a condiment such as over meats or even with beans. The best thing about this dish is that it’s versatile-the options are endless! You could add just about anything from chilies like chipotle peppers to ground beef and turkey along with cheese. It’s incredibly easy to make your own recipe by throwing whatever you want into the pot until its delicious enough for your liking; but in case you’re not feeling so creative today there are plenty of great recipes out there on Google if you need a hand.

Question: What is the traditional food of Mexico?

Answer: Mole sauce! It’s different than a lot of other dishes because it contains more spices and flavorings, which gives you a richer taste. You can use any type of meat or vegetable in this dish-whatever your heart desires or what you have on hand. The best thing about mole sauces is that they are ridiculously easy to make from scratch with just some easy ingredients like tomatoes, onions, garlic cloves, raisins (to add sweetness) and chocolate. Just fry all these together until everything becomes tender and then throw in some chili powder for spice along with cumin if desired. Finally top it off with fresh chopped nuts like almonds or cashews before serving so that everyone gets an added crunch.