Chocolate Breakfast Quinoa with Cherries & Pistachios

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Who doesn’t love chocolate for breakfast? I know I do! And this Chocolate Breakfast Quinoa is a healthy, delicious and nutritious way to start your day. It tastes better than any cereal you’ve ever had, it’s vegan-friendly (if you’re into that sort of thing), and it’s full of protein. So if you don’t have time to cook in the morning or are just looking for something different, give this recipe a try and let me know what you think!


-Cook quinoa per package instructions, or until it’s fluffy and looks like this. Be sure to use a good pot that has plenty of room for the grain because it doubles in size! This will take about 20 minutes on medium heat.:

The great thing about cooking up some Quinoa is you can make ahead of time so your breakfast is ready as soon as you wake up (or just throw together before bed)…no more cereal with milk from an carton! Get creative – try adding these ingredients, too: Dried cranberries + coconut flakes; dried cherries + slivered almonds; raisins + walnuts. Heat pan over medium heat and lightly coat with oil when needed. Add quinoa and toast the grains to give them a nutty flavor. When they’re golden brown, add water or broth (I use vegetable), salt, and pepper

-Stir in cherry preserves with your cooked Quinoa: Start by adding one tablespoon of jam at first then test as you go for sweetness level that suits your taste buds! The fruit is optional so if it’s not something you want to eat just skip this step – but I recommend trying it because the cherries are SO good!

-Sprinkle dry roasted pistachios over top before serving up hot out of pot. These little guys have been soaked in lemon juice prior which helps soften their tough outer shell and brings out natural flavors. Pile on some extra fruit on top if you’re feeling hungry!

-I love including a side of fresh fruits with breakfast because they fill me up and help keep my sugar levels balanced. A cold smoothie is another great option, or some oatmeal mixed with almond milk will do the trick too. I always eat an apple during a workout and feel full for hours afterward.

What makes this recipe so special?

-It’s gluten free and vegan.

-No refined sugar, no dairy.

-The benefits of starting your day with a hearty breakfast are well documented: it provides energy for the whole day ahead, helps you think more clearly, boosts your metabolism which can lead to weight loss – not mention that there is also research linking an increase in cognitive functioning after eating carbs!

-This dish is high in protein and fiber which helps keep you full for hours.

-It has a great taste without artificial ingredients or preservatives, making it an all around healthy option.

-It’s not too sweet and it is great for summer because you can make a big batch in the morning, enjoy it piping hot (or cold) all day long with no worries of spilling on your clothes.

-It tastes like delicious hot chocolate without any dairy making this dish perfect for lactose intolerant people as well!

– advance and it will last for weeks in the fridge.

-It’s a great dish to make on Sunday night, then you’ll have healthy breakfasts ready all week long!

What goes as a side dish?

What makes a great breakfast? In general, it’s something that is quick to prepare, easy on the stomach and full of protein. Anything fried or greasy can be pretty heavy for your system first thing in the morning. Breakfast should also include some form of fiber so you’re not starving by lunchtime.

The perfect breakfast includes oatmeal with fresh fruit (a good way to get more fibre), eggs cooked any number of ways like scrambled, poached or sunny side up, yogurt (look for one without added sugar) topped with granola – there are lots of options out there but this combination has always worked well for me! It doesn’t have all the carbs as cereal which might make you feel sluggish before noon and instead gives you protein and good fats to keep you going.

What about a chocolate breakfast? Chocolate for breakfast sounds indulgent but it can be healthy too. Quinoa is the perfect grain-like base for this recipe because its high in protein, has more iron than white flour or oatmeal, and is gluten free so not only will your stomach thank you but also those with celiac disease! If you are looking for something quick before running out of the door in the morning – make sure that this quinoa dish is on your list. You won’t regret it.