Lemon Cream Pancakes

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There are many different ways to celebrate the holidays, but one of our favorites is with a delicious breakfast that is both filling and festive. We love Lemon Cream Pancakes because they are easy to make, have only a few ingredients, and can be served for any occasion. These pancakes will leave you feeling like Christmas morning has come early no matter what time of day it is!

This meal is so easy to make because all you need are a few ingredients and some cooking equipment.


-Buttermilk Pancake Mix (serves four)

-Two Large Eggs

-A Quarter Cup Fresh Lemon Juice from Lemons, about Two Whole Lemons

-A tablespoon Sugar.


-In a bowl, whisk together pancake mix and eggs until smooth. Add lemon juice and sugar (optional) to the mixture if desired.

-Add cinnamon for flavor as well! Mix thoroughly with spatula so that all ingredients are combined into a smooth texture throughout before cooking in an oiled pan over medium heat. Avoid overmixing this will create tough pancakes or crepes too often found at diners where they have been on display for hours without being flipped onto fresh batter again. Do not be alarmed by how thin the batter looks when you start mixing it up but don’t worry because it thickens nicely while cooking just like cake frosting does which is what we want our Lemon Cream Pancakes to be like!

-Cook for a few minutes on each side and enjoy with your favorite toppings.

How to serve pancakes?

The simplest way is to use a pan and fry the pancakes on stove top. You can also buy premade frozen pancakes from your grocery store’s freezer section. Pancakes are often served with butter, syrup or lemon juice mixed with sugar.

If you’re looking for something more decadent, combine whipped cream with brown sugar and grated lemon zest! For those of us who love chocolate in lieu of fruit-based flavors; try adding melted semisweet chocolate chips to the batter before cooking it up! These types of desserts are best eaten after they’ve had time to cool down a bit so that all the juices have been absorbed into each bite. The most important thing about this recipe? Make sure not to overcook them.


*If you don’t want to bother with flipping them, make your pancakes in a waffle iron! You can also buy premade frozen waffles from the store. This is great for when you are cooking breakfast for one person and there’s not enough space on the stove top. *Pancakes should be eaten right away or they will get soggy as all of their juices soak into each bite. Wait too long and it becomes more like cake than an enjoyable treat. Make sure not to overcook these scrumptious treats because that makes them hard instead of fluffy!

*For the holidays, try adding some festive sprinkles to your batter. *Add a teaspoon of cinnamon for each pancake and you have yourself an amazing breakfast treat! Sprinkle in some nutmeg or cloves if desired as well, but make sure not to use too much because these spices are pretty strong.

Each tip is just one way that you can enjoy this recipe year-round–they’re great for summertime BBQs as well! So next time there’s a craving for something sweet don’t forget about lemon cream pancakes! They won’t disappoint with their light taste and fluffy texture. The possibilities are endless when it comes to different flavor combinations so get creative with what makes you happy!

About lemon cream

Pancakes are designed to be eaten with your hands and the lemon sauce is used as a dipping sauce. They combine very well together, made more so by their sweet buttery taste. Add some sugar or honey for extra sweetness if you like. The pancake batter recipe can also vary depending on how lemony you want it to taste; add more fresh squeezed juice from lemon wedges if desired! Pancakes should be heated over medium heat in an oiled pan, thickly coated with buttered cooking spray, until golden brown on one side (about two minutes). Flip them carefully and cook them another minute until they’re done. Serve warm pancakes hot off the griddle drizzled with condensed milk or lemon cream syrup iced tea.