Boozy Banana Cream Shooters

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Bananas are delicious. But they’re even better when mixed with cream, vodka and liqueurs to create a boozy banana cream shooter! This recipe is great for entertaining as a dessert or just to have at home on the weekend. The best part about it is that you can make almost any flavor of drink by swapping out the ingredients according to your preference.

Boozy Banana Cream Shooters are a delicious drink that can be served in shot glasses or small cocktail glasses. The combination of the creamy banana and chocolate flavors with an alcohol chaser make this recipe perfect for any occasion!

For the alcohol, you can use either a dark rum or creme de banana. The difference is that this recipe makes more shot glasses than cocktails and so it uses the darker of the two alcoholic options to match with its stronger flavor profile. This means that if you want your Boozy Banana Cream Shooters to be cocktail-sized for serving at parties rather than shots in smaller gatherings then go with the creme de banana option instead!

First off, prepare your crust by pouring some Oreo cookie crumbs into individual shot glasses until they are about three quarters full which will allow room for cream filling later on in the process. You may need another round of cookies – just crush them up and keep adding them as needed (you should end up with about three to four Oreo cookies worth of crumbs per shot glass).

Next, mix together some softened cream cheese and sour cream in a large bowl. Now add your choice of liqueur which should be added according to taste – you might want it lighter or more boozy depending on the recipe that you are using. For instance, this particular Boozy Banana Cream Shooters drink uses dark rum so I used two ounces for my filling but if you wanted something less potent then go for one ounce instead. Mix until smooth and there’s no chunks left before adding vanilla extract (at least one teaspoon) plus sugar (one tablespoon) as needed! Remember: sweeten to taste…a little goes a long way when it comes to sugar!

Finally, you need to assemble your glasses. Pour in some of the mixture and then add a few chunks of banana before topping with whipped cream that’s been sweetened to taste as well. This is where you can get creative: depending on how creamy or boozy you want your drink, place more or less filling into each glass – it really depends on what type of shot glass size that you are using (remember not everyone has those giant ones like I do) but if one Oreo cookie worth seems too little for a four ounce shooter go ahead and use two instead! In any case, try them out and see which flavor combinations work best for your tastes!

Most importantly have fun experimenting while making these Boozy Banana Cream Shooters.

What about flavors?

In this recipe, we use pineapple juice and coconut rum for a tropical twist. Other options include ginger ale or sparkling lemonade with vanilla vodka, but feel free to make the base flavor as you like!

Additional flavors could include:

-Maraschino cherries, crushed

-Creme de Banana liqueur or whipped cream vodka (or both!) for a banana creamsicle flavor.

-Fresh fruit slices like strawberries and pineapple to garnish the glass.

-A splash of your favorite juice!

Additional tips:

Make sure the bananas are ripe.

Pour a little milk into the blender to help it blend better, if needed.

Add rum or other liquor of your choice at taste for an extra kick!

Blend until smooth and creamy, then pour mixture into shot glasses or small cups. Add whipped cream on top with sprinkles as desired for garnish. Serve immediately before serving refrigerate in airtight containers up to 48 hours; although best when served fresh made that same day!

Do not over-blend the banana because it will make the drink too thick which is gross – but you can adjust this by adding more liquid (more milk). Make sure to use chilled liquids so they don’t melt ice cubes and mix together like gross slushy.

Best served with ginger ale, soda water or any other carbonated beverage of your preference – the bubbles make it fun!

Ready to serve in less than five minutes from start to finish!