Cranberry Smoothie

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The holidays are coming up, and many of us will be spending time with our families. This is a perfect opportunity to get together and enjoy some delicious food! One of my favorite holiday drinks is the cranberry smoothie. I love how it tastes, but what I love most about it is that it’s so easy to make. The recipe we’ll be sharing in this blog post takes only three ingredients: frozen fruit concentrate, milk, and ice cubes. It couldn’t be easier!

These smoothies are made with frozen fruit concentrate, which is a concentrated juice of fruits. The fruit in the drink will make it taste like dessert, but without any added sugar or preservatives!

What You’ll Need:

-Frozen Fruit Concentrate (we recommend apple flavor)

-Milk (any type works!)

-Ice Cubes

Directions: Place all three ingredients into your blender and blend until combined. If you want to spice things up a bit try adding some fresh peppermint leaves for an extra punch of holiday flavor! Serve in glasses or cups garnished with cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, whipped cream spoons, and chocolate shavings. Enjoy this delicious beverage while watching Christmas movies on Netflix together as a family.

What each ingredient means for the mix:

-banana: this ingredient is great for boosting the flavor and making it a little sweeter. It’s also got bromelain, an enzyme that helps with digestion and boosts your energy levels.

-cranberries: these berries are full of antioxidants as well as vitamin C which will help you recover from any illness or injury quickly! They’re also packed with fiber to keep your stomach happy and healthy. Not only do they make a tasty addition to this smoothie but they’ll give you all sorts of good things too!

-almond milk: This is going to be the base liquid we need in order to blend everything together into one delicious concoction! You can substitute regular milk if needed but almond milk has a creamier consistency and is also packed with vitamins so it’s the perfect ingredient.

-ice: you can make this really thick by using a heaping cup of ice and it will be much easier to drink! You could also use frozen berries for an extra refreshing treat.

What about using other ingredients?

The recipe can easily be adapted to use ingredients with different flavors. For example, when you have the hankering for a smoothie but don’t want it too sweet and fruity, try switching out some of the cranberries in this recipe with watermelon chunks or mixed berries – or both! You’ll get a tasty drink that is perfect as an after-lunch palate cleanser.

Moreover, if you are a vegan, or just want to substitute soy milk for cow’s milk, replacing the regular cow’s milk with almond, coconut, hemp or other non-dairy milks will give your smoothie that extra something.

In your opinion, what is the best time of day to drink a smoothie?

Morning – Smoothies are great for breakfast as they can keep you full and satisfied until lunchtime. They’re also perfect post-workout snacks!

Lunch – If you have a great blender or food processor that makes frozen drinks, make this in advance so it’s ready when hunger strikes at noon. It will be delicious served over ice with some fresh fruit on top (and maybe even drizzled with honey). A few variations: strawberry lemonade; pomegranate raspberry; mango lime.

Dinner – Serve this at dinner to give yourself something healthy to look forward to while finishing up cooking all those holiday sides dishes.

Late Evening Snack – Smoothies are a great way to get in some extra fruits and veggies at the end of day, so try them as an after-dinner snack! It’s also perfect if you’re craving something sweet but don’t want it too much sugar: frozen bananas with yogurt make an excellent combo. Try blending half banana with vanilla protein powder, almond milk (or regular dairy), honey and cocoa powder. You can add peanut butter, berries, spinach…anything really!

What makes this recipe different from other recipes? There are not many ingredients that do not need much preparation before being blended together into a fruitful beverage. The simplicity is what sets this recipe apart from others as well as how easy it is to make using common kitchen utensils.

How can people apply this to their lives? The recipe is quick and easy so it’s perfect for those who are busy, on the go or just need a healthier alternative. It also tastes great because of how many flavors come together in one drink! Experiment with different ingredients as well like switching out yogurt for frozen bananas. Make sure you try it all year round–not just during holiday season!