Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich!

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We all know how it goes. You spend hours in the kitchen cooking a Thanksgiving feast for your family and friends, and then they leave without eating most of it. What are you supposed to do with all that leftover turkey? Well, if you’re like me, you might be tempted to throw it out or give it to your dog. But there’s another option: make a sandwich! It turns out that this time-tested dish is actually quite easy and delicious. All you need is some bread (or croissant), stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise (optional), lettuce leaves, tomato slices or pickles (optional) and lots of turkey! Follow these instructions below for an unforgettable Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich experience.


-Spread some cranberry sauce on the bread or croissant. Leave a small patch uncovered for adding the turkey and stuffing later. It acts as a glue to hold everything together and gives it just enough tangy sweetness to balance out all that saltiness from the sandwich toppings.

-Layer in slices of roasted turkey, cooked elbow macaroni (or more if you’re feeling really ambitious), eggplant caponata or sweet potato fries–whatever leftover vegetables are hanging around your fridge–and top with lots of fresh lettuce leaves, tomato slices and pickles! Adding thinly sliced cucumber is also an excellent idea because its crunch pairs so well with this dish’s soft textures. And don’t be afraid to pile on the cheese.

-Then, of course, top it all off with some cranberry sauce and mustard before dropping the sandwich into a hot panini press or frying pan until crisp on both sides.

How to make your sandwich more delicious?

-Use a hearty bread like sourdough or multi grain.

-Add buffalo sauce, chopped celery and carrots, hot sauce, mayo (or veganaise), salt & pepper to taste.

-Layer turkey on one side of the roll with all of the other ingredients. Close up sandwich and enjoy!

One way to make your sandwiches more delicious is by using different types of bread. The best type for this would be a hearty bread such as sourdough or multigrain; both have complex flavors that are perfect in contrast to spicy sauces like Buffalo Sauce and Hot Sauce . To make this dish even healthier you can use Vegan Mayo instead of regular Mayonnaise – just melt some cheddar cheese and mix it with canola oil and veganaise.

A few other ingredients that you should also consider using are carrots, celery, salt & pepper to taste (don’t be afraid to add a little extra!), and mayonnaise or Vegan Mayo . Layer your turkey on one side of the roll then pile all of these delicious toppings onto the other half for an unforgettable sandwich! The best breads to use are sourdough because they have complex flavors that work well with spicy sauces like Buffalo Sauce and Hot Sauce , multigrain which are perfect in this dish since they’re healthier than white flour rolls, as well as rye buns or pumpernickel if you want a hearty texture combined with dark colors. Don’t forget to serve this with a side of crinkle cut fries!

What? You still have leftovers?! No worries, there are other ways you can use them. Try making delicious sandwiches by layering turkey on one slice of bread and topping it off with cheddar cheese mixed in mayonnaise or veganaise (and your favorite toppings!) on the top piece for an unforgettable sandwich!! If you’re feeling extra adventurous then try using multigrain breads instead of white flour rolls–they’ll provide more nutrients and be better-for-you than the traditional option. When all else fails, just make some really good ol’ fashioned sandwiches out of those leftover Thanksgiving Day dishes like mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing…the list goes on and on.

Tip: If you want to make it a real Thanksgiving feast, try using the leftover cranberry sauce for your sandwich! It’ll give it an extra flavor profile with tartness that will be great for this time of year.

What additional side dishes can be used ?

Side dishes can be used to complement the sandwich. Some ideas are a side of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. What kind of bread should I use ?

White bread is always an option for sandwiches but it’s not necessarily the best choice in this situation because white bread doesn’t hold up well when wet or oily foods are added. Brown or whole-wheat may be better options since they have more nutritional value as well! What condiments do I need?

A good amount of mustard is almost always necessary and people like adding mayonnaise too if they want their creation to taste more decadent. Other popular ingredients include pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese slices (American) etc., tomato/mayo, lettuce/mustard, and turkey.

What do I need?

A loaf of bread, a carton or container of mayonnaise (or any other condiment you’d like to add), mustard in various flavors depending on your personal preference, cheese slices if desired are available at the grocery store. This is also where you could add different vegetables as well! How do I make this sandwich? Will it taste good?

The first step is going to be slicing open two pieces of bread so that they’re ready for all those yummy ingredients. The next step involves adding some mayo and then spreading it around with a knife before topping off with something creamy such as mashed potatoes from last night’s dinner or even cheese sauce if you’re feeling adventurous.

Now it’s time to add your main ingredient and the final step is adding some lettuce, tomato, or any other vegetables that you may want on this sandwich before finally topping off with a piece of bread and pressing down gently for all those delicious ingredients to be contained!

When would I eat? The best way to enjoy your Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich is by making it while everyone else is still eating turkey! It only takes about five minutes from start-to-finish so there’s no need to let it sit in the fridge until tomorrow either. The quicker you can make one of these sandwiches, the better because who doesn’t have leftover turkey laying around after last night?