Sweet Potato Ice Cream with Marshmallow Creme Swirl and Maple Bourbon Topping

This blog post will walk you through the process of making Sweet Potato Ice Cream with Marshmallow Creme Swirl and Maple Bourbon Topping. You’ll need ice cream maker, a large bowl, a small saucepan or pot, an electric hand mixer (or stand mixer), and some basic ingredients to make this delicious dessert!

As you know, ice cream is a frozen dessert that is served as an accompaniment to either hot or cold foods. It’s also enjoyed on its own, and while it can contain many different flavors such as vanilla bean, chocolate chip cookie dough, and salted caramel pretzel ice cream–it may be difficult for some people to find one they like.

The reason why I personally love this delicious dish so much is because of the endless flavors you can enjoy in just about any grocery store imaginable!

I recommend sweet potato ice cream if you’re looking for something new–especially with marshmallow creme swirls and maple bourbon topping. This flavor has hints of cinnamon in it too which makes it perfect during fall weather! You’ll never get tired of eating this dish when it tastes so good!

It may seem like Marshmallow Creme has been around for ages, but that isn’t really true; they’ve only existed since 1979 when James Kraft discovered he could whip up a creamy frosting substitute with sugar and egg whites using his own son’s toy whipping-cream mixer. The company was dubbed “Tootie Fruities” until 1984, when Kraft decided to change their name to avoid any association with drugs or sex (Marshmallows are often used as an aphrodisiac). And even though we were all led to believe Marshmallow Creme comes from those iconic white pillow-shaped tins, that’s just how it’s packaged.

Marshmallow Creme is often the ingredient everyone grabs from a grocery store shelf when they’re in need of some comfort food; we’ve all been there on those days where you can’t bear to look at another bowl of cereal or piece of toast! But did you know Marshmallow Creme has many other uses besides topping your favorite desserts?

Maple Bourbon Topping is one of those toppings that has a sweet, smooth taste. It’s not too rich and it doesn’t have any overpowering flavor like chocolate or caramel.

This is the only topping you need for your ice cream sundae! It has just the right amount of sweetness, and it’s a great addition to any dessert.

The sweet taste comes from maple syrup which is aromatic before baking or cooking. It also has that special bourbon flavor! What better way to end your meal than with an ice cream sundae topped off with this delicious topping?

Sweet Potato Ice Cream is not your typical ice cream flavor. It has a unique taste and texture that is quite different from other ice creams, but it tastes great!

The flavor is sweet and rich like a butterscotch candies. It tastes best served with a swirl of marshmallow creme on top, or drizzled with maple bourbon sauce for an extra kick! If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest that you give it a shot.

To make this recipe, you will need:

-A blender

-Parsley, sage, and thyme for the topping (optional)

-Sweet potatoes to make a puree or mashed sweet potato in place of ice cream mix

-Milk/cream as needed so that mixture is not too thin. You want it thick enough so you can stir easily with a spoon or whisk without making it soupy. Approximately two cups should do but adjust depending on your needs. Milk works best because the fat content helps keep the texture creamy rather than icy. But if preferred use heavy whipping cream which has more butterfat content so it’s thicker plus less watery when chilled

We recommend using whole milk over skim milk due to its richer taste and creamier texture.

-Also, maple syrup for the sweetener and bourbon or vanilla extract to give it a little kick in flavor

Decorate with swirls of marshmallow cream, chopped nuts (walnuts work well), chocolate chips or anything else that you like! A drizzle of melted dark chocolate would also be yummy if desired.

To make this recipe vegan substitute soy milk rather than cow’s milk and use coconut oil instead of butter as your fat content source. If not allergic, peanut butter can be substituted into the ice cream base replacing half of the sugar content needed – just add some additional water to help create consistency. Peanut allergies are common so we recommend substituting almond butter but any nut will do such as walnut or cashew.

The instructions on how to make this recipe are extremely easy: combine the sweet potatoes, butter/oil and sugar in a blender then blend until smooth. Add eggs and vanilla extract (if desired) before blending again for several seconds at a time – do not over-blend! Mix together all ingredients except heavy cream in a large bowl then pour into ice cream maker while it is running; follow manufacturer’s directions accordingly as each machine differs slightly but should be similar. Once you have reached your desired consistency remove from freezer to soften up enough so that it can easily be scooped onto an individual dish of choice such as waffle cones or dark chocolate shells topped with whatever add-on toppings you like. Drizzle with maple bourbon and serve.