Apple & Caramelized Onion Potato Pancakes

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Apple and Caramelized Onion Potato Pancakes are a delicious breakfast treat. They are easy to make, only have 4 ingredients, and taste amazing. The recipe is gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan-friendly (minus the eggs), kid-friendly (minus the onions) and can be made dairy free with coconut milk! These pancakes go great with maple syrup or honey butter.

Reasons why this recipe is the best way to start your day:

-It’s easy to make, with only a few ingredients.

-The pancakes are filling and hearty without being too heavy for breakfast.

-They are gluten free, vegetarian (minus the eggs), vegan friendly (minus the eggs) and dairy free!

-A well rounded recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family from picky toddlers all the way up to grandma! The best part is they taste like apple pie with caramelized onions mixed into them – yum!!

-Moreover, they are made with ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry!

-This recipe is great for a family breakfast, or if you want to make something quick and easy on the weekends when everyone is sleeping in.

These pancakes can be served if you’re looking for a healthier breakfast option. These are also great if you’re giving the kids something to do in the morning while they wait for their eggs and bacon to cook up!

There’s just one pancake per serving, so it is perfect for those who don’t want an overly filling meal or any leftovers. You can top them with maple syrup as well as fresh apples (if desired). There are many variations of this recipe that use different ingredients like leeks instead of onions, whole wheat flour, herbs such as rosemary and thyme etc… The possibilities are endless!

Your friends will love you for this recipe!

A perfect fall dish, these apple and caramelized onion potato pancakes are easy to make with only a handful of ingredients. The hearty pancake batter is made from drained mashed potatoes, whole milk yogurt, an egg beaten slightly before adding it to the mixture, grated white cheddar cheese (plus more as needed), chopped fresh parsley leaves or sage and salt and pepper all worked together by a spoonful at a time until just combined.

The thick but sturdy consistency means they stay in shape on your skillet without any flipping required-perfect if you’re not confident about cooking them evenly like my friend who ended up with two small burnt ones when she tried her hand at making blueberry pancakes last week.

Ingredients: Potatoes (I used Yukon Gold), eggs, almond milk, gluten free flour blend of choice (this one has brown rice flour so it’s also vegan!), apple cider vinegar, olive oil, maple syrup or honey butter – optional topping)

Salt & pepper – to taste Optional: Caramelized onions Instructions: First peel potatoes and cut into small pieces while they’re still whole. Boil them until soft enough to smash down easily but not mushy. While waiting for the potatoes boil pour the eggs and almond milk into a bowl. Next, add the flour to the egg mixture and stir until it is well combined. While waiting for this to cook too mix together apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper in another bowl. When potatoes are finished boiling mash them with a potato masher or fork so they’re still lumpy but almost smooth (don’t worry about being super perfect). Add the mashed potatoes to the mixed eggs/milk mixture while stirring constantly and then lastly pour in the liquid ingredients from step two of these instructions. Heat up your pan on medium heat with some vegetable oil sprayed onto it before pouring batter onto skillet – if you want extra flavor sprinkle caramelized onions over top!

-If making ahead of time, place in refrigerator and reheat either on stovetop or microwave for about a minute.

-Serve with sour cream, ketchup or apple butter.