Surf Shack Tacos

Tacos are a staple in my life. I make them at least once a week and experiment with different fillings to find new combinations. Recently, I made Surf Shack Tacos and they were delicious! The key ingredient is the fried fish taco shell that you taste just like mine! Let’s get started!

Tacos were originally created in Mexico, but is now internationally popular. It’s a dish that consists of corn tortillas filled with meat and then covered usually with salsa or chili peppers. Its popularity is mainly due to its affordability and ease of preparation.

A typical taco may cost between $0.60-$0.80, but there are many different types that can become more expensive if they involve items such as lobster or other ingredients with higher prices. In comparison, a hamburger at McDonald’s costs about $14 dollars while a burrito from Chipotle is typically around the same price as a taco dish ($12). The lower price for tacos makes it easier for people who want to eat out in their lunch break on any budget to afford them without breaking the bank ̶ even though some Taco places have been known to charge an extra dollar just because it was late night pricing (i.e., Uber eats).

Before we begin, let me tell how amazing the taste is. It is perfect for those days when you want to eat something fresh and light, but still crave some flavor in your taste buds. The texture is crunchy and fried as if you just had it at a popular food truck. The marinade is the perfect blend of flavors that also lends to the texture. You can only experience this restaurant-quality fish taco by making these tacos for yourself!

To make these amazing tacos, please follow these instructions:

In a medium-sized pot, add the following ingredients:

One pound of halibut (or another white fish) cut into small cubes

Half an onion sliced thinly and half jalapeño minced or whole if you want more heat. Throw in ½ teaspoon salt to season

A quarter cup of fresh lemon juice for flavor

Two tablespoons olive oil for cooking with your onions and chilies mixed together. Let it cook on high until browned slightly then reduce to low while reserving some for later use. Add cubed fish and stir occasionally until cooked through which is about ten minutes depending on how thick your pieces are. Once done mix two tablespoons of cornstarch with water so there is no clumps and add stirring constantly until thick.

For the tortillas

Start with a stack of six corn or flour tortillas and place in oven to warm up for about five minutes so they are soft but still pliable. Once heated remove from oven, cover with plastic wrap and then a kitchen towel so that it is doubled over like an envelope. Press down on top of the hot wrapped tortilla using your hands to flatten them out evenly into discs around three inches wide which should yield you twelve rounds totaling two per person (or more if you want). Take one piece at a time as needed; flip over half way through cooking your tacos each side taking thirty seconds max to heat it though without burning anything!

The toppings: Chop up your favorite veggies and proteins-

Avocado, Cilantro, Tomato are my favorites.

But get creative with whatever sounds good to you!

Finish these off by seasoning the mixture with a quick sprinkle of salt or chipotle pepper for some heat if desired. And then wrap it up in one warm tortilla! I prefer two wraps per taco: first round just vegetables only; second round mixed together-veggies and protein on each side. The key is not to overstuff them so that they all come loose at once when wrapped (thus having the filling spill out). If using larger sized tortillas like burrito sizes use more than six rounds as needed depending on how many people will be eating. That’s it! Now you know how to make Surf Shack Tacos!