Sweet Potato Cranberry Cookies

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Every year as the holidays are approaching, it is a tradition in my family to make homemade cookies. This year we decided to switch things up and try something new- sweet potato cranberry cookies! They turned out so delicious that I had to share this recipe with all of you!

Sweet potato can be a great alternative to flour because it provides some fiber and healthy carbohydrates that your body needs. A few other benefits of using sweet potato are less sugar, more vitamins, and a lower glycemic index which can help with blood sugar levels after eating the cookies.

The cranberries in this recipe add a nice tart flavor as well as antioxidants like vitamin C- so you really get something good for you! The spices also make these cookies taste delicious without adding too much extra fat or calories.

If you’re looking for a healthier cookie option around the holidays then I would highly suggest trying this recipe out! It will be sure to have people asking where they came from at any holiday party!

To make these cookies, you’ll need:

– Sweet Potatoes

– Flour

– Baking Powder

– Cinnamon

– Nutmeg

– Sugar (All Amounts Are To Taste)

Optional: Frosting or Chocolate Chips. I used frosting for the photos you see here, but they are just as good without it! And dipping them in chocolate is a tasty option too! 🙂 Make sure to check out this blog post if that’s what you prefer! ^^; You’ll need: Oil (I Used Butter), Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Extract and Powdered Sugar. Also don’t forget some milk of your favorite type to thin it down into a sauce like consistency. It will take about one full can of Almond Milk to do the job.

##Instructions: Start by preparing your cookwares, then follow these steps:

Step one:: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Step two: Slice up your sweet potatoes into long thin pieces

– about half an inch in width. I like mine a little thicker, so I go for three quarters of an inch wide but that’s totally personal preference! 🙂 Cut them as evenly as possible and make sure they all measure out at around one and a quarter inches or so. If you’re having trouble cutting through with a knife then try using cooking shears. It’ll save some time too! ^^; After slicing your first potato it will be easier to cut the rest even more quickly after that without much effort on your part though! So don’t worry if this doesn’t work well for you just yet! Also, make sure they’re all cut to the same length!

Take a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and fill it with your diced potatoes. Try not to overfill them, or else you’ll have trouble pressing out air from the top of the bag

Step three: Fill another ziplock bag with pumpkin pie spice mix – I like using McCormick’s because that’s what my mom always buys ^^; Pour in about half a cup worth before sealing up the sandwich bags (make as many sandwiches as you need for your recipe)

Step four:: In one pot on medium heat add two cups of pureed fresh sweet potatoes and simmer until fully cooked through, stirring every now and then while cooking so nothing sticks onto the bottom of the pot.

Step five: In another pot on medium heat add two cups of pureed fresh cranberries and let them simmer until they start to boil.

Step six: Add the two cooked mixtures together into a large bowl.

Step seven:: In one pot on medium heat add a cup of brown sugar and stir until it starts to melt, then add in ¼ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon before stirring again for another minute or so ^^; After that is done cooking pour over the sweet potato cranberry mixture in the bowl (add more if you want your cookies sweeter)

Step eight: Mix everything up with a spoon! Now’s time to start forming little cookie shapes by rolling out balls of dough onto flour dusted baking sheets – I like using wax paper because it lets me put them straight from there into the oven without dirtying my hands ^^;

Step nine: Bake for 12-14 minutes or until golden brown ^^

Making these cookies is really easy and you get to have your carbs with a little bit of added sweetness!

If I had time, I would totally make these as pumpkin cranberry cookies ^^;

You can replace the sugar with honey or maple syrup if you want ~~