Vegan Almond Joy Smoothie

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Are you looking for a way to spice up your morning routine? Maybe you need some more variety in your diet. If so, then this blog post is perfect for you! We will be discussing how to make Vegan Almond Joy Smoothie that tastes just like the original but without any animal products. It can be made vegan with coconut milk or non-dairy milk and it’s super easy to whip up. All of the ingredients are available at most grocery stores and it only takes about five minutes to prepare. You’ll have a delicious breakfast ready in no time!

Smoothies are great because you can use whatever ingredients are in your fridge. If you have bananas, add some chopped up fresh banana or frozen banana chunks (they make the smoothie nice and cold). Add cocoa powder for that chocolatey flavor and then top off with coconut whipped cream to mimic the creamy “custard” filling of an Almond Joy candy bar.

If you don’t want a sweet breakfast, leave out the cocoa powder- but beware! Adding more nondairy milk may not be enough to balance out all that sweetness from the fruit so consider adding some protein powder too such as vegan vanilla flavored pea protein isolate by Sun Warrior which is available at most health food stores like Whole Foods Market or Natural Grocers Plus.”

For today’s recipe, we’re going to make a Vegan Almond Joy Smoothie.

What you need: -Almonds (unsalted) -Raw Cocoa Powder or Cacao Butter -Coconut milk (or other plant based milk) -Ice cubes

Fruits that can be added to the smoothie: Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries, etc…

Extra toppings like Chia seeds and hemp hearts for topping your vegan almond joy smoothie!

How do I make it? Soak almonds in water overnight. Rinse them out and put them into a food processor with raw cocoa powder until they become finely ground. Add coconut milk to the mixture and process until blended well together. Place ice cubes in blender or blending cup if using a handheld blender. Pour the blended almond mixture into the ice cubes and blend until smoothie consistency is reached.

Add some fruit to your smoothie!

And you’re done with this easy recipe! Try it out

Some tips on how to make smoothies better:

  • -Use a blender to blend the ingredients together and make it creamy. Otherwise, you’ll have chunks of fruits that are hard on your teeth when they chew them up.
  • -Make sure you use enough liquid in order for the blades to rotate smoothly and do their job properly. If not, then all you will end up with is an odd tasting drink because there will be nothing happening inside the blender other than some fruit sloshing around against each other like drunken sailors on shore leave!
  • I hope I made my point here about how important liquids are to smoothies but let me say this again: You can put any combination of vegetables or fruits into a blender if they are in small pieces but without sufficient liquid, it will not be a smoothie.
  • -Add the banana first before you add any of the other ingredients because it will help to create that creamy texture by thickening up the liquid and adding some sweet flavorings into your drink. You can put ice cubes in at this stage for an iced version or skip them if you want a hot beverage!
  • Lastly, I hope my tips are helpful and happy blending!