Vegan Pulled Pork

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With the recent popularity of veganism, a lot of people are looking for recipes that provide them with plant-based proteins. One such recipe is Vegan Pulled Pork! This dish has all the flavor and texture of traditional pulled pork but without any animal products. It’s also easy to make in your own kitchen, so grab your favorite ingredients and let’s get started.

The post goes over what ingredients you’ll need and how to prepare them before cooking as well as how long it takes to cook this dish.

We all know the real pulled pork can be tedious and time consuming. You’ll usually need at least four hours to get it just right. Well, we can all agree that this vegan pulled pork recipe is the perfect solution if you don’t have four hours but want a delicious meal.

The first step in preparing your vegan pulled pork sandwich is sauteing an onion with apple cider vinegar and water for about five minutes or until soft, then adding garlic powder, paprika and cayenne pepper (smoked salt would be great too). Once those spices are incorporated into the broth, add one tablespoon of tomato paste and simmer uncovered on low heat for at least 15 minutes to let all the flavors meld together. If needed stir occasionally so nothing sticks to the bottom of pan.

Next add two cups of vegetable stock along with two cups of diced tomatoes, and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.

Finally add one cup of brown sugar (or to taste) along with a tablespoon or so of liquid smoke if you’ve got it. Simmer another five-ten minutes then remove from the stovetop and allow to cool slightly before adding in your cooked rice noodles. And that’s it! You have vegan pulled pork without any meat at all. It’s time to get cooking!

Now we’re going to make some sandwiches with our delicious new filling: take out four sandwich buns and lay them open face down on your counter surface (the bottom side should be facing up). Then spread barbecue sauce over each bun generously using an offset spatula or brush.

You’re going to want to leave a generous margin on the edge so that your sandwich can seal. Next, pile about half of our vegan pulled pork filling in the center of each bun then fold over and press down firmly as you go around the edges with your fingers or an offset spatula. Pressing out any air bubbles will ensure that your buns don’t explode when they cook!

Now set up two baking sheets: arrange one sheet with six dinner plates while leaving space for four more (you’ll need these later) and another prepared baking sheet lined with aluminum foil next to it ready for cooking. Withdraw eight slices from a loaf of bread using a serrated knife before cutting them into three inch lengths at an angle.

Now place the bread on top of the dinner plates with slits facing upwards and secure them in place using a piece of aluminum foil. The Slapgizzles will be cooked right into your buns! Next, brush each side generously with vegan butter or oil and sprinkle lots of salt over it to add some flavor then cook for five minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to flip halfway through cooking so that both sides are evenly browned before removing from heat when finished.

When you’re ready for assembly, pour hot water around the edges of one baking sheet (not spilling out onto any other surfaces) until it’s deep enough to submerge four sandwich halves while leaving space underneath for two more submerged sandwiches without touching their edges.

When all sandwiches have been piled on top of one another in order, place the final bread slice atop them.