Chocolate Cake Batter Cookies


C is for cookie. C is also for cake, for chocolate. So basically, C is the most delicious letter in the alphabet. Because these cookies are everything I dream of in a dessert. Gooey, loaded with chocolate, and they have SPRINKLES.

I made these treats for a murder mystery dinner my friends and I hosted this summer, complete with costumes and props and food. I’ve made them twice since for my awesome colleagues, and they demolished them.

SO, if you want to wow the crowd at this year’s cookie swap? Bring these! So let’s get to the fun stuff

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Chocolate Blueberry Kale Smoothie

Chocolate Blueberry Kale Smoothie

I’m in the middle of a serious smoothie addiction,  and I might need some help! You see, I’m at the tail end of my wedding “diet”, (you know, the one where I never actually lost any weight for my wedding day), and the one healthy thing I have consistently done for myself: This smoothie! But…[Continue Reading]

Vanilla Bean Overnight Oats with Honeyed Figs and Almonds

Vanilla Bean Overnight Oats with Honeyed Figs & Almonds

Story of my life: it’s winter, I don’t have the time or motivation to exercise beyond skiing, and my “diet” has fallen to the side. The only thing keeping me from getting plump again is making as many healthy choices in the day as I can (and PS, that usually does not include dinner and…[Continue Reading]

Rosemary & Orange Belgian Waffles

Rosemary & Orange Belgian Waffles

Oh hey hi there! Every year at this time I become a bad, bad blogger. Work gets super crazy, ski season is at it’s peak, and this year my husband-to-be got nominated for a DGA award, and I made my very first trip out to LA! Basically, something has to give, and it’s the blog.…[Continue Reading]