Wedding Wednesdays

Let’s talk about the dress.

Style: "Porcelain pastel"I’m excited and not excited to go shopping for this. Is that normal? I’m afraid nothing is going to fit. And I’m afraid I’m not going to find anything I like. All the dresses I’ve been in love with over the years have been discontinued. First, my long time dress love, the Sagrera from Pronovias was discontinued. (Ytpes, I looked at wedding dresses long before I was engaged. My excuse? I was a freelance writer for bridal magazines.) This was, and is in many ways my dream dress, but alas, much like my dreams of skiing in the Olympics, it’s just not meant to be. So what now?…[Continue Reading]

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Mexican Shepherd’s Pie

Mexican Shepherd's Pie

I feel like I’ve been gone for so long! 10 days without a blog post? Crazy. But I just couldn’t. It was NYFW – New York Fashion Week for those of you who aren’t fashion obsessed – and one of the busiest times of year for my job. And after that ended, and I dug…[Continue Reading]

Farmer’s Market Vegetable Pie

Farmer's Market Vegetable Pie

Summer is officially over. Unofficially?  I still plan to get in some more beach time, and raiding the last of the summer harvest at the farmer’s market (aka, all the corn, blueberries, peaches and plums I can handle!) I make this pie every year at the end of summer (and honestly, sometimes in the winter…[Continue Reading]

Peaches & Cream Pie with Graham Cracker Curry Crust

Peaches & Cream Pie with a Graham Cracker Curry Crust

The peach extravaganza continues! I know, I’ve been on such a peach kick this summer. But how can I not be?! They are so fresh and juicy and delicious. Ugh. So good. I’m definitely going to break down and make a real peach pie before the end of summer, but for now, I wanted something…[Continue Reading]

Chocolate Olive Oil Braided Brioche

Chocolate Olive Oil Braided Brioche

I cannot tell a lie. I was very nervous about how this bread would turn out. First, because I’d never made a braided brioche, and here I am attempting my own eggless version. With olive oil. And a chocolate swirl. So many things could have gone wrong! But oh man – nothing did. This bread is…[Continue Reading]