Eat Smart Salad Kits

Eat Smart Salad KitLast week Killington got covered in a lot of snow – 2 feet! The storm came mid week – and since Joe isn’t working on any shows at the moment I told him he should head up and ski the storm. I sadly had to stay at work. Womp womp.

Now I miss him lots whenever he’s away – but I always use it as a chance to eat healthier and make meals exactly the way I like them. Winning! So after Joe drove back up to Vermont (at 6 am like a crazy person) I was super excited that Eat Smart sent me over some of their salad and stir fry kits. I knew I was going to have a crazy pre-holiday week at work, I wanted to eat well and all I wanted to do at the end of the day was flop on the couch with my tv shows and a yummy dinner.

Not to mention that busy week at work also meant I didn’t have time to go run and get food (forget a lunch break) and if I’m going to have a working lunch, it better be delicious.  (It was!) Now I’m big fan of anything fast and delicious, but if you make it healthy too? I’m sold.

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Butternut Squash Pie with Candied Sage

Butternut Squash Pie with Candied Sage

So  this is one of the recipes that I am MOST proud of –  and it’s one of my favorites! First off, its a baked vegan squash pie. I used butternut – but guess what, you can just as easily use pumpkin. So whether you are vegan, lactose intolerant, don’t want to use eggs – you…[Continue Reading]

Honey Roasted Sriracha Brussel Sprouts & Apples

Honey Roasted Sriracha Brussels Sprouts & Apples

I can’t believe it’s about to be Thanksgiving! I feel like this year I have so much to be grateful for! A great job, exciting things happening with the blog…. getting engaged! It’s been a big year! Ps: I’m also grateful that Brussels Sprouts are back in season because I absolutely love them.  (Seriously. Its…[Continue Reading]

Simple Cider Bourbon Poached Pear Torte


So. You are probably wondering – HEY, what happened to you? Did you stop loving food? Nope. But, I did get the flu. In November. Does this count as my flu shot? I hope so. Because too many things are coming up: Like ski season! And Thanksgiving! I can’t get the flu again later in…[Continue Reading]

Pumpkin Skillet Cookie Pie with Chocolate Chips & Cranberries

Pumpkin Skillet Cookie Pie with Chocolate Chips & Cranberries

Like ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies? Like pumpkin pie? Then boy oh boy, you are going to love this! I whipped this up the other night when I was suddenly craving cookies and stopped in at the Brooklyn Kitchen on the way home and found some beautiful pumpkins. This is the part where I’m supposed to…[Continue Reading]

Pumpkin Apple Potstickers with Sage Honey Sauce

Pumpkin Apple Potstickers with Sage Honey Sauce

So Joe and I have many things in common. These thing include a love of skiing and food, our sense of humor, Oreo – to name a few. Something we don’t have in common? Football. He loves it, and I don’t get it. Literally. I understand nothing about the game, and his endearing attempts to…[Continue Reading]