Mini Mexican Galette

Mini Mexican GaletteRemember when I promised you a rustic pizza? Here it is! Ok, I realize that at the time choosing the words “rustic” and “pizza” may have been misleading – but that’s honestly how I think of savory galettes. They are like free form pizzas (without all the time waiting for the dough to rise).

Lately I’ve been working really hard to eat healthy (so that all my running is not a complete waste as I try to lose weight!) My system has basically been eat a really healthy, clean breakfast and lunch and then a “sensible” dinner. (Hello weight loss jargon from the 80′s!) So while I know this dinner has some fat from the oil in the crust – since it’s packed veggies I’m pretty ok with it. I try not to get caught up in counting calories because then I’ll just go crazy. Are you like that too?

Plus, since I’m nursing a life long obsession with avocados, this dinner is like heaven to me. So let’s hop on in, and let me tell you some more about this dinner win (Joe and I both liked it!) and give you some tips and tricks on making it!…[Continue Reading]

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Peaches & Cream Breakfast Pudding

Peaches & Cream Breakfast Pudding

Guys. Guys. I know I have been totally MIA lately, and I’m SO sorry. I have so many recipes backlogged to share with you, but I have SUCH a good, amazing, wondering reason for my disappearance! THIS! I’m engaged And apparently, according to “the knot” – I’m 23 things to behind on my to do…[Continue Reading]

Double Recipe! Salt & Vinegar Parsnip Chips and Curried Parsnip Fries

Salt & Vinegar Parsnip Fries

Hello friends! So remember the other day, when I shared with you my recipe for the world’s juiciest veggie burger? Well, as healthy and delicious as that is – its kind of hard to have a burger without fries or chips. I mean, yeah you can order (or make) the side salad but that’s not…[Continue Reading]

The World’s Juiciest Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger Sliders

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I sure did. A little beach, some fireworks, and a lot of food! Plus some yummy blog cookings. I started experimenting with these veggie sliders last week, and have been SO excited to bring them to you! First off, the are the MOST moist and juicy veggie burger…[Continue Reading]

Rustic Rum & Pineapple Shortcake

Rustic Rum & Pineapple Shortcake

Hello summer, I love you.  This weekend we came out to the “country” – aka my Mom’s place in the suburbs – to be closer to the beach, to sleep in without the sounds of busses and drunk hipsters, and to grill baby, grill! Even though I grew up here, it seems so quiet now…[Continue Reading]